Darcy Nominated for INFLUX Awards

Darcy, the film co-directed by Heidi Philpsen, was nominated for Best Feature in the INFLUX Magazine Film Awards Season 10. Heidi and co-director Jon Russell Cring were also nominated for Best Director for the 2017 awards. Heidi, who graduated Motion Picture Institute in 2007, also acted in the film, and said, "We made it in the TOP SIX among some pretty impressive competition." This is the feature director debut of Heidi, who since graduating has worked primarily as an actress and production coordinator in the film industry.

Darcy Nominated for INFLUX Awards - MPI News -  Motion Picture Institute in Troy MI - Heidi

Darcy was released this year and is a coming-of-age tale about an innocent teenage girl living with her parents in a seedy motel room and the stranger who changes her world. The film stars Gus Birney, an up and coming 2nd generation actress, who is currently acting in the Spike TV show The Mist, based on Stephen King's novella and the 2007 movie. Gus was recently interviewed by TV Over Mind's website, and you can read her interview at their website.

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