MPI Graduate and International Film Maker Sam Kadi Highlighted on CNN

About “The Citizen”

“The Citizen is basically about a Lebanese man who wins a green card lottery and arrives in New York the day before 9/11 to collect his citizenship, and we’re taking his journey all the way from that day all the way until our current day. It’s a movie about an immigrant journey of hope, struggle and success. “

The Film’s Importance

“I would rather let people make their own conclusions on the film, but in a nutshell I think that this film is really talking about understanding each other when talking about the American dream and what people sacrificed and contributed to become citizens. It’s a very patriotic film and we have such a unique story that’s never been tackled from that angle and we hope that people like it. It’s actually inspired by true events, so I can’t call it an actual event because some of the stories are true and some of them are inspired by other stories that we actually adapted for dramatic reasons, and a portion of it is fiction, as well.”

From The Director

Below is an excerpt from an interview conducted by about “The Citizen” with Sam Kadi and his feelings and interpretation of the film.
You originally started as a theater writer before attending the Motion Picture Institute of Michigan. After graduation, how were you able to get your foot in the door as far as the film industry is concerned?
“I started with a short film. The school opens up doors for you as far as getting you connected and telling you how to do things. You have to graduate with a film or something.
After that point, it’s a matter of how aggressive and how determined you are, and I started with a short film that made it to the Cannes Film Festival in France and it was successful and it picked up distribution.
I made promotional films that were very successful, too. My recent short film “Raised Alone” was really my calling card. The movie won eight awards and had six other nominations and traveled the world, and it was a great journey with this movie.
So basically if you want to put yourself on the map, you have to make something that people like and can see something different in you than others. You have to be determined and passionate and the doors will start to open up for you.”

Sam Kadi on CNN


About Sam

Commerce Township resident Sam Kadi, 37, is making his own movie magic right here in Michigan. Kadi came to Michigan from Syria and soon discovered that his passion was bringing stories to life on the big screen. After graduating from the Motion Picture Institute of Michigan, Kadi went on to produce a series of short films ranging from fictional to stories based in local school systems in southeast Michigan to help raise funds. His films have been viewed across the state and even in other parts of the world at different film festivals. Now, with his production company, Samer K Production ( firmly in tow, Kadi has launched his most ambitious project yet, “The Citizen,” a feature-length film about a Lebanese immigrant coming to America just before 9/11.
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