Scarlet's Chop House - Short Film / Summer Film Camp 2017

Scarlet's Chop House is a short detective thriller written, directed and shot by a group of twenty high school students attending the Motion Picture Institute summer film camp.  The students collaborated over a five day period in July of 2017 to write this short film that focuses on two hapless detectives who set out to find a stolen recipe book from Scarlet's Chop House.  They soon learn that their pursuit is wrought with peril.

The student's held auditions and cast the film amongst themselves.  Directing responsibilities were divided up with those wishing to step into the director's chair and taking a scene to direct.  Others worked in a variety of positions that included cinematographer, camera assistant, sound mixer, boom operator, gaffer, electrician, art department, assistant director and script supervisor.

The student's then spent the final day working with an editor to assemble and arrange the shots into a rough cut that was eventually turned into the final edit.

The film was shot on Motion Picture Institute's large Soundstage using the school's set pieces, costumes and props.  The film premiered on the silver screen at The Maple Theater on Oct 15th for family and friends. 

Each July the Motion Picture Institute offers its one week summer film camp for high school aged students.  Registration for the summer of 2018 is open now.


If you enjoyed watching Scarlet's Chop House you may also enjoy watching this short behind-the-scenes film shot by the same students during the production.


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