Upcoming Transformers Movie Hired Several MPI Alumni

During the upcoming summer blockbuster season the latest Transformers movie, The Last Knight will be released. Like the previous four iterations, The Last Knight spent significant production time in Detroit. And like the previous four Transformers movies, this one employed several Motion Picture Institute students and graduates. Dave Rumble ('01) was once again hired as the location manager, making this his fourth Transformers movie. He helped bring multiple MPI alumni aboard, including Samantha Smith ('12), June Shin ('14) and several 2015 graduates: Gregory Johnson, Bub Fish, Taylor McKean, Page Reevers and Chris Eckenweiler. Additionally, last year's Motion Picture Institute students Justin Ward and Alex Rogala were also hired while in school. The hands-on training, curriculum and student film projects gave them essential experience and prepared them for getting work on this mega budget blockbuster franchise. 

Transformers: The Last Knight is set for release this summer (2017) and is packed full of stunts, explosions and Motion Picture Institute students and grads working behind the scenes. 

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