Win a Film School Scholarship on July 17 by Visiting MPI in Troy, MI

Win a Film School Scholarship on July 17 by Visiting MPI in Troy, MI - MPI News -  Motion Picture Institute in Troy MI - MPI_Open_House_071712_popin_copy

Win a Film School Scholarship!


We understand the financial impact that attending film college can have on a student’s finances. With this in mind, the staff at The Motion Picture Institute will be awarding a scholarship for its film school to one lucky attendant to our open house.


Who Should Attend the Open House


We encourage those who have aspirations in the following areas to attend our open house on July 17th where they will be able to interact with our staff and faculty:


  • ·         Directing
  • ·         Producing
  • ·         Editing
  • ·         Acting
  • ·         Camera operations
  • ·         Grip
  • ·         Makeup
  • ·         Lighting
  • ·         Set design
  • ·         Media arts
  • ·         Graphics
  • ·         Broadcasting

What Others Are Saying


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About The Motion Picture Institute of Michigan


For fourteen years, MPI has been the launching pad for many aspiring filmmakers who’ve gone to work on mega-budget movies like Avatar, directed by James Cameron, Batman: The Dark Knight, directed by Christopher Nolan or John Carter directed by Andrew Stanton. MPI has also helped our graduates produce their own work, such as Sam Kadi and Ghost Adventurer Zak Bagans. These graduates all began their careers by enrolling in the Motion Picture Production Program.


Our aim at MPI is to offer our students a training ground that stays current with technological advances. Our hands-on production curriculum continues to stress technique over theory while our creative curriculum challenges their imaginations. Most important, we give our students a supportive environment with personalized attention where they can explore their interests.


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