How A 4-Year Film Degree Could Be Keeping You Out of the Movie Buiz

How A 4-Year Film Degree Could Be Keeping You Out of the Movie Buiz - clapper-boardYour pathway to success starts before film school.

In fact choosing what film school to attend could be your career defining moment. Allow me to explain.

A Four-Year Track

Someone I know was fortunate enough to attend an ivy league college for film and upon graduation landed an internship at a prominent studio. He even had the good fortune of being assigned a gig as a personal assistant to an A-list director and a promising mega budgeted sci-fi flick. But, a year later the project stalled, and he lost his job.

Shortly thereafter, he was back in his home town working outside the movie industry to pay for almost $100k in student loan debt he'd incurred going to a four year university.

Sadly, this is the growing business model for the four year film school graduate today.

The truth of the matter is that a four year film degree is expensive, especially for the more predominant and well known film schools. Aside from a short lived internship, the odds of finding a career launch right out of college aren't in your favor.

That's not to say that careers aren't being made. It's just that it can take graduates several years to find a break. And, for many who are shouldered with massive student loan debt, they simply can't afford that equation.

But, if I told you there was a way to cut your film school debt by 90%, and be placed in the field within a year's time, wouldn't you consider that a sensible alternative?

This is the MPI option.

Motion Picture Institute's One-Year Track

With 20 years of alumni success stories to its name, Motion Picture Institute can go head-to-head with most 4 year film schools. But when you do a cost comparison, that's where the competition ends: Motion Picture Institute always comes out the victor.

In the two decades that we've been offering our intensive one-year motion picture production program, we've launched hundreds upon hundreds of careers in the movie business.

But just like a USC, UCLA, or NYU not all of our grads succeed. Finding a successful career in any field takes more than just schooling. It often takes TIME.

Yes I said it. The one thing most of us don't seem to have much of any more.

The time it takes to make career inroads and hone your talents can sometimes take a few years. Sadly it's those few years that break many of those on the verge of making it.

Massive student loan debt often forces film school graduates in a different direction before the big break comes.

This is why it might be time to consider a wiser alternative. This is why it might be time to consider a one-year intensive program that can put you in the field sooner, and allow you those crucial years to develop your skills without massive debt.

Time + Money + Independent Effort

The odds are very good that after attending a four year college for filmmaking, and a short lived internship, a typical filmmaker will find themselves working as an "independent"—which translates into needing to hustle and self-finance your first feature film.

So, after graduation, the playing field tends to be leveled and all film school grads are reduced to being independents.

Sure, a few will find their way into the studio system, but by and large, the onus is thrust upon the film school grad to prove themselves by producing an independent feature.

Suddenly those four years, and the massive debt associated with them, no longer appear to be the wise choice when compared to the Motion Picture Institute graduate.

The money and time saved by shaving thousands of dollars and 3 years off your education could be spent producing your first feature.

So, before you go incurring what could very well be a lifetime of student loan debt, to attend a four year film school that has no better chance of launching your career than any other, consider a cost-effective alternative: Consider Motion Picture Institute.

Over a thousand working industry professionals have and continue to do so.

Start making smart career moves before you get your education. Check out Motion Picture Institute. It might be the perfect fit. We're confident it will be more cost effective.

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How A 4-Year Film Degree Could Be Keeping You Out of the Movie Buiz - MPPP_Cat_pg_11_pic_Doug_ii_0809Doug Schulze is an award winning independent filmmaker and Cofounder/ CEO of the Motion Picture Institute.

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