Classes and Training Programs for Film

Get the hands-on training and on-set experience you need to jump-start your career in the film industry - screenwriting, directing, cinematography and editing.

Motion Picture Institute, a Michigan based film school, offers students a variety of hands-on filmmaking and film directing classes for people interested in starting a career in the film industry.  As Michigan's oldest and most reputable trade school, we have a large network of industry professionals that help us place students and graduates on set and advancing their careers. 

Most college and university film programs give students a general education in film theory and require students to provide or rent equipment to create their student films. Motion Picture Institute gives students access to top cameras, sound equipment, and editing studios, as part of their affordable tuition. From the very first day, students begin training to create their own films and work in key positions on other student films.  

Work in the Film Industry After Just One Year!

Our 1-year film school and continuing education program prepares students for work in the film industry. Getting your foot in the door starts with experience, communication, and networking. Throughout the year every film student has the opportunity to gain experience and prove their dedication, reliability, and skills as crew members of student films and local productions. Students in the director or producer tracks focus on building their reels, in addition to understanding every role in film production. Motion Picture Institute has over 20 years providing students with exactly what they need to gain the confidence and skills they need to get started and exceed in film.