The MPI Actors Studio Workshops

The MPI Actors Studio is a series of four professional development workshops that offer four varying levels of experience from basic, intermediate to advanced.  


2021 Workshops 

The workshops are designed to assist area actors with differing degrees of skill and experience to learn and practice the art of film acting while gaining experience in a cinematic environment. 

The acting workshops offer avocational secondary objectives that are NOT within the school’s scope of institutional accreditation.


Description of Acting Classes with Motion Picture Institute  - V2_-_ACTING_FOR_FILM_%26_DIGITAL_MEDIA_(1)

This beginner workshop introduces universally accepted acting methods for film and digital media. Beginning with basic acting principles, participants explore established techniques and how to apply their own life experience in order to deliver a truthful and naturalistic performance in front of the camera. Since the camera magnifies the actors' action, delivery must be organic and real.

Lessons incorporate voice and movement concepts to control vocal inflections, facial expressions and using body language to express emotions subtly without words and include concepts such as relationships, personalizing the circumstances, listening and reacting instinctively to overcome the amateur’s inclination to deliver an exaggerated or overly theatrical performance.

Conducted on a live film set and in front of a camera, participants will engage in role playing exercises and performing basic scenes that can translate their acting talents to a believable on- screen performance.

Length: 8 weeks | 2 days per week | 3 hours per session = 48 hours  Price:  $975 (plus Paypal transaction fee 2.9%).  Or you can pay by check (no fees).

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Description of Acting Classes with Motion Picture Institute  - V2_-_THE_ACTORS%E2%80%99_FILM_CREW_(1)

Length: 6 weeks | 2 days per week | 4 hours per session = 24 hours Price:  $725

This intermediate workshop is for actors’ who have had some form of acting experience or previous training.  Actors interact with dozens of people but often knows little about their roles on the shoot and how they affect the actor’s performance. This workshop unveils the mystery of all those people who watch the actor during a filmed scene and why they are there.

A film professional is brought in from each major department to demonstrate their job on a production and how their duties and responsibilities relate to the actor. Such positions as the 1st Assistant Director, 1st Camera Assistant, Gaffer, Location Sound Mixer, Script Supervisor and Make-up Artist detail and demonstrate how they work with a trained actor on a production.

Through simulations on set, each crew person runs participants through the filming process from their vantage point with the actor being the main focus.

Additional emphasis and time are given to the camera department and its influence to an actor’s delivery. Through additional exercises, participants learn techniques for and experience blocking, hitting focus marks, keeping continuity, establishing eye lines, pacing and taking screen direction during takes. Scenes are filmed and played back for evaluation and further coaching.

FAME (Film Actors Movie Experience) LAB

Description of Acting Classes with Motion Picture Institute  - V2_(FILM_ACTORS_MOVIE_EXPERIENCE)_LAB

Length: 10 weeks | Total 57 hours Price:  $2,195
Week 1-5 | 2 days per week | 2.5 hours per session
Week 6-10 | 1 day per week | 8 hours per session

A filmed performance requires a refined set of acting skills. This can only be acquired through experience on a live film set under circumstances like that of an actual professional shoot.

This workshop brings the actor into that movie studio environment where they can obtain these experiential skills on a production. Participants audition and are cast in featured roles of selected scenes. They conduct table reads, study scenes, rehearsal sequences, and block shots. Their acting techniques are put to the test when a real film crew arrives and the shoot goes into production.

Each performer works with the director and crew along the way to gain the acting competencies only found on a production, acting in a scene and seeing their completed work edited together.

Upon wrapping their scene, the actor works with the director and editor to do ADR in a sound booth as necessary. Finished work is screened for family and friends on the MPI soundstage. Participants get copies of their filmed scenes to use for their personal reels.


Description of Acting Classes with Motion Picture Institute  - V2_THE_ACTOR'S_BRAND_(1)

Length: 4 weeks | 1 session per week | 2.5 hours per session = 10 hours Price:  $300

How you perceive yourself can be the biggest difference between landing the part or not. What is the actor’s brand why is it not the same as type casting? This workshop guides you through a process of self-discovery that defines the life cycle of an actor. The beginning is very different than the autumn of your film career and understanding this helps you decide the types of roles you should be going after.

Knowledge is power and understanding how casting choices are made, what to do in an audition to deliver a knock performance and the dos and don’ts when dealing with casting directors are essential to making it as an actor. It is as much as business as it is an art form and being able to sustain it requires knowing how all things work.

Participants learn the art of self-promotion, build trust in their abilities and the belief that they can succeed in an incredible competitive arena of acting. Actors walk away armed with knowledge, a strategy of where to go in the wider world of film acting and opens doors you never thought to enter.

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