A Day in the Life of a Film Student

We provide the studios, the education, and the equipment. What you experience depends on your participation.

Every student goes through the entire filmmaking process from script to screen where they write, produce, direct, shoot and edit numerous film projects throughout the school year.

A Day in the Life of a Film Student | Motion Picture Institute - Troy MI - MPI_Film_Student

They are guided through these productions using professional tools of the trade and employing established industry methods under the supervision of accomplished film veterans.  Each course builds on their ideas.  Each assignment crafts their visions into real films.  Coming to class is like going to work.  But work that the student is passionate about.  Learning the entire process encourages each student to explore their film interests so they may find their creative voice and develop talent in their chosen area of expertise.

Every semester each student works on each other’s films in a variety of crew positions.

This practical experience gives them the opportunity to improve their skills in camera, lighting, audio and other production trades.  At the end, they will have compiled enough content to produce a valuable reel of their work.