COVID Safety at Motion Picture Institute


In the unsure world of COVID-19, Motion Picture Institute has set into place protocols to ensure the quick response to outbreaks of covid-19 that may be reported among faculty and students.

Students are encouraged to wear masks if they feel the need to further protect themselves from possible infections from others. The school does not as this time require masks, however, we do follow state health department guidelines as they are published.

We also provide hand sanitizer stations throughout the school and distance our students during class time. Our program courses are a mix of on-campus and on-line. This limits the number of days/hours students come in contact with one another and allows for a quicker response time to an outbreak.

In all cases, the health and safety of our students has come first.

Many possible contingency plans are ready to be implemented that will assure that the upcoming school year won't be interrupted or postponed--whatever the COVID situation may be. Students WILL be making movies.  


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