MPI Student Life

Life as a Film Student

The Motion Picture Institute provides the framework for experiencing what it takes to work in the film industry.

Whether you are in the Film Production program or the Film Acting program the people you meet and what you learn here will influence your career path for years to come. We encourage you to take advantage of our knowledge, experience, and professional filmmaking equipment. Our most successful students are those that get involved- network with your classmates, ask a lot of questions, come to class, and most of all be willing to express yourself!

The Motion Picture Production Program

  • Prepares students for a film career in twelve months.
  • Trains students via intensive hands-on film projects.
  • Taught by film industry veterans and professionals.
  • Access state of the art film equipment and production facilities
  • Provides job opportunities via career services and graduates.
  • Write, produce, direct, and edit your own films.

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