Students and Instructors access each class via the links below.

Student Tips…

  1. Zoom App: Be sure you have downloaded the free Zoom app for your phone or computer (download link).
  2. Zoom Password: Password required for each class–check for Canvas message in Student Services 22/23w page.
  3. Waiting Room: No waiting room. So if you are knocked out of class due to an interruption you can automatically rejoin.
  4. Type “Present” in Chat: Register your attendance by entering “Present” in the Chat window.
  5. Real First & Last Name: Please use your full name in your Zoom ID.
  6. Camera on at all time: Make sure you are visibly present on camera at all time! No avatars!

Stay Engaged! Be sure you pay attention and use the chat feature!

UPDATED LINK: We are now using only ONE class link for all classes. You will NO LONGER have to log off and log on in between classes. You just stay logged on until the next instructor joins.

All ONLINE CLASS ZOOM LINK 846 0599 5600

Note: CLASSES ARE ONLY RECORDED WHEN THERE IS AN ABSENCE IN THE CLASS, except for EDITING CLASSES WHICH ARE ALL RECORDED. These recorded classes are password protected. The password can be found on the CANVAS STUDENT SERVICES page.

When a student misses an online class that was recorded, they will be required to watch the recording and turn in a Makeup Assignment Report. Click on the link in the Makeup Assignment Report column corresponding to the class missed. Complete the form and submit to the instructor.

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