Screenwriting, Directing, Producing, Cinematography, Editing, Sound Mixing, Art Direction & Film Production


The Motion Picture Production Program equips students with hands-on experience and practical training to thrive in both traditional film, television and digital media environments.  The industry demands diverse skill sets, from screenwriters to cinematographers and beyond, with productions fostering flexibility among specialists.

Our comprehensive script-to-screen program empowers our students in shaping their creative visions effectively as both artisans and technicians.  With a curriculum spanning concept to exhibition, students are allowed to specialize their filmmaking abilities while gaining proficiency with current technology and practices all guided by film industry veterans.

The program focuses on project-based assignments and year-long lab work requiring students write, direct, and polish their films while crewing on classmates’ projects. They learn essential planning, budgeting, and crew management skills, preparing them for freelance and corporate videography careers.  The Film Business and Career Preparation courses provide step-by-step guidance for entering the professional world.

Program Objective

The Motion Picture Production Program trains students for entry into the motion picture, television and digital media industries with the essential skills to write commercial content, draft screenplays, produce, direct, shoot and edit story driven independent film projects. This training and experience qualify school graduates for entry level job positions on large scale studio productions and television shows as production assistants to working as directors, cinematographers, camera operators & assistants, grips, lighting technicians, field audio recordists, script supervisors, location assistants, production coordinators, assistant directors, editors, digital media videographers, social media specialists and a variety of other positions on smaller indie feature, documentary, music video, and client based commercial projects.

Students are equipped with the ability to move laterally or vertically in pursuit of a specialized position they seek in the long term. This program develops student aptitude in creative collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, networking, listening and leadership.

Topic Program Information
Program The Motion Picture Production Program
Credential Certificate
Credits 61.5 Qrt Credit Hours
Length 46 Weeks
Classes 22 Courses
Phases 4  (three 12-week and one 10-week)
Days per Week 4 Days
Hours per Day 4 Hours
Hours per Week 16 Hours
Sessions 2 available (Morning 9am-1pm / Evening 6:30-10:30pm)

Chronology Course Sequence

Next Start Dates: March 25, 2024 and September 23, 2024

Why Students Choose Motion Picture Institute

Motion Picture Institute is a film school that prepares students for jobs and careers in the film, television, documentary and the digital media production industries.

Our film school offers:

  • A nationally accredited, year-long filmmaking program immersing students in the entire script-to-screen process.
  • Hands-on opportunities for students to write, cast, and direct up to three film projects, utilizing professional equipment.
  • Access to a complete production facility with professional film equipment, including two soundstages, a scene shop, and more.
  • Experiential curriculum focusing on crucial filmmaking skills: directing, cinematography, lighting, sound, editing and more.
  • Employable and marketable production skills.
  • An annual casting call for local actors to audition for student projects, fostering community engagement.
  • A hybrid program blending on-campus practical training with comprehensive online instruction.
  • A faculty of industry professionals bringing years of experience and established methods to the classroom.
  • Showcase of student work at a local theater during an impressive graduation ceremony.
  • A robust networking environment connecting students with staff, faculty, peers, and successful graduates.
  • Career development classes catering to feature film, television, commercials, documentaries, and digital media.
  • A lifelong relationship with our career service department and the “gear for graduates” program, allowing alumni access to facilities and equipment for ongoing filmmaking practice.

Elevate your film education and career prospects with
our comprehensive and immersive Filmmaking program.

For 25 years students from around the country and overseas have enrolled at Motion Picture Institute to receive some of the best film production training and education.  All chose to complete their practical training in film at Motion Picture Institute because of our history, graduate successes, professional foundation, personalized attention, access to facilities and equipment, and real-world filmmaking experiences.  We have graduates working all over the globe in film, television, commercials and the like.


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