Our Film Production Classes

Screenwriting, Directing, Producing, Cinematography, Editing, Sound Mixing, & Film Production

Motion Picture Institute is an accredited vocational training school offering courses in film production. We prepare students for jobs and careers in the film industry in less than one year. Our specialized hands-on certificate program tasks students with class assignments writing, directing, shooting, and editing numerous film projects.

Our film production classes are taught by film industry professionals in a blended format that includes online and in-person on our professional sound stages. Our film class curriculum uses established industry methods, professional equipment, and gives each student a real world practical film training experience where they write, produce, direct and serve as production crew on numerous film projects throughout the year. These experiences enable our students to make an informed decision on where to develop their skills and posture themselves for employment in the film industry.

For over 20 years, students interested in continuing education at Motion Picture Institute have come from around the U.S. to receive the best film production training and education in Michigan. All chose to complete their vocational training in film at Motion Picture Institute because of our professional foundation, personalized attention, access to facilities and equipment, and real world experiential filmmaking experiences.

To start your journey to an exciting career in the film industry, request a catalog and learn how you can train here, and go anywhere in the film industry.

MPI Course Sequence

Term 1 Schedule: 2022 School Year Classes

Next Start Dates: March 7, 2022 and September 26, 2022

Day Class Mode* Hours per Week On-Campus Classes** Online Classes
Monday Screenwriting Blended 2 hours 3 9
Monday Editing Blended 2 hours 3 9
Tuesday Directing On-Campus 3 hours 12 0
Tuesday Basic Camera and Sound On-Campus 1 hour 12 0
Wednesday Production Lab On-Campus 4 hours 12 0
Thursday Cinematography Blended 2 hours 3 9
Thursday Production Management Blended 2 hours 3 9

Class schedules are provided to each student at the start of each term. Schedules detail the weekly times, days and dates of class.


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