Annually, the Motion Picture Institute offers three competition-based scholarships:

• First Place: Scholarship of $5,000
• Second Place: Scholarship of $4,000
• Third Place: Scholarship of $3,000

Competition starts in January of each school year, and testing dates are published on the Motion Picture Institute website approximately one month before the testing begins. Requirements for this scholarship are as follows:

• The student must be a high school senior on the day of the test.
• The student may not compete in more than one high school scholarship competition.
• Eligible students must take the test at the Motion Picture Institute on one of the available testing dates in order to enter the scholarship competition.
• Candidates with the top 10 scores on the test from all testing dates combined will be selected as finalists. Finalists will be notified and invited to the school to write an essay and meet with a panel of judges from the industry. The total scores of the three-part competition will then be calculated (Scoring: 20% test; 20% essay; 60% interview), and the ten finalists will be ranked in order, the top three being awarded scholarships.
• Recipients will receive written documentation from the Motion Picture Institute acknowledging scholarship approval.
• Upon being awarded a scholarship, recipients must contact the Director of Enrollment at the Motion Picture Institute within 30 days in order to redeem the scholarship.
• Motion Picture Institute High School Scholarships must be used for enrollment within six months of the date of the recipient’s high school graduation.
• Recipients will be required to meet the Motion Picture Institute standard entrance requirements or the scholarship will be invalid.
• The Motion Picture Institute will attempt to place recipients in the class of their choice, however, the school reserves the right to select a specific class start date.
• First Place in the Motion Picture Institute Scholarship is valued at $5,000, second place is valued at $4,000 and the third place is valued at $3,000. These scholarships are for tuition only. The scholarships have no redeemable cash value and cannot be sold, transferred, or applied to any other costs. The scholarship funds will be credited incrementally to the student’s account at the end of each of the four terms within the program. Each incre-ment will equal one-fourth of the total value of the scholarship. Any interruption of training, change of program or withdrawal may result in cancellation of the scholarship award. The student also understands that a change of status may impact eligibility.
• Recipients are subject to all policies and procedures published in the Motion Picture Institute catalog and Student Handbook, including, but not limited to, grades, attendance, and behavior.
• Recipients of this scholarship are not eligible for any other Motion Picture Institute scholarship.
• A limited number of scholarships are available per year, and will be awarded on a first-come, first served basis.

To register, go to

*To be eligible a student must enroll for the coming 2024-25 school year.

Michigan Student Film Festival
Graduating High School Seniors Best of Show Merit Scholarship

Motion Picture Institute offers up to four individual scholarships to graduating seniors who are selected from the Excellence/The Best of Show recipients at the Michigan Student Film Festival.

Award selections are judged by DAFT (Digital Arts Film and Television)–a nonprofit association to promote media literacy.

The scholarship award deducts 25% off the annual tuition for The Motion Picture Production Program.

To enter the Michigan Student Film Festival by its deadline, visit To register for a DAFT scholarship for MPI (contingent upon festival award-results in mid-May), visit the website’s scholarship page at this link.

*To be eligible a student must enroll for the coming 2024-25 school year.

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