SATURDAY – July 20th at the Motion Picture Institute in TROY.
11:00am – 3:00pm
Doors will lock at 2:00pm but auditions, once you are inside, will continue to 3:00pm.
2040 Crooks Rd B, Troy, MI 48084

On Audition Day, doors will open at 11am. Scripts will be available, and rehearsal space will be provided for you to practice. No one will be admitted after 2:00pm. All auditions must conclude by 3:00pm.

The students are gearing up to bring their visionary stories to life, and we’re on the lookout for passionate actors to breathe life into a diverse array of characters. From the depths of emotional drama to the peaks of comedic timing, our films offer a canvas for your talent. Dive into the detailed film overviews and intriguing character studies waiting just a click away. Your role in our next cinematic masterpiece is just a step away – are you ready to take the leap?

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These are student films – there will be no compensation – but Actor Reel Footage will be provided! This is a great opportunity to grow your reel and get some film experience for your resume.

You may bring these assets to your audition, but they are not required if you do not have them:

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  • A list of all parts you are auditioning for


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Directed By: Neko Trocki

Genre: Comedy

A typical shift of two waiters Nate and Baylen working at a family restaurant. Though the situations they find themselves in are not so family friendly. From foul mouth conversations, finding love and upsetting customers.

Additional Notes from Director: Raunchy dialogue/situations and crude/foul language

Number of Principal Characters: 3

Nate (Lead)
MALE / All Ethnicities / 30s

A quiet and modest hopeless romantic.

Baylen (Lead) MALE / White / Late teens early 20s

Obnoxious foul mouth kid. Does not think before he talks. Though he may be very Immature, he knows when to be serious if necessary.

Angry Customer (Supporting)
MALE / All Ethnicities / 40s

Tall intimidating Man. (very small role) Angry customer and exchanges only 2 lines

Girl (Featured Extra)
FEMALE  / All Ethnicities / 20s

Seen talking to one of lead character, no lines are spoken. Very small role.


Directed By: Kyle Gusho

Genre: Comedy

Two friends, T and L, meet up at a large forest for their synced mushroom trip. However, when they each park at opposite ends of the forest, T, now tripping, must venture through the woods to find L.

Additional Notes from Director: T will be sporadically calling L to ask him for any help relating to the trip, forest, or what certain surroundings look like he should look out for.

Number of Principal Characters: 2

T (Lead)
All Genders / All Ethnicities / 20s/30s (in appearance)

Cautious but confident (most of the time), been to the forest before so feels well equipped and compelled to find L

L (Support)
All Genders / All Ethnicities / 20s/30s (in appearance)

Never been to forest, acts as aid for T when needed by helping him work through the trip or describe his surroundings to help T on the phone, waits by/in car whole film

HIKERS (2) (Supporting/Background) ALL GENDERS / All Ethnicities / 30s


Directed By: Tristan Dean

Genre: Drama, Horror/Suspense, Science Fiction

A girl named Canary is trying to hunt down a man named Jack who she once knew. She betrayed him long ago. The Government has her captive and is forcing her to capture heroes for experiments for the Government. Jack is one of those heroes. The only way she will be able to catch him is is by luring him in to a place by acting as someone else.

Additional Notes from Director: Canary is an adult woman in her 30’s to 40’s. Jack is an adult male in his 30’s to 40’s

Number of Principal Characters: 2

Canary Carnage (Lead)
FEMALE / All Ethnicities / Minimum Age is 30, Maximum is 50

A woman who can easily manipulate anyone and is notorious for manipulating people’s minds to look and sound like other people. She becomes more darker by the end of the story and she lets her powers control her leading her to be evil and corrupt.

Jack (Lead)
MALE / All Ethnicities / Minimum Age is 30, Maximum is 50

A lonely man who is smart and has heightened senses to detect danger.

Mime (Supporting)
MALE / All Ethnicities / 20-30 years old.

A rude teenage boy who has no filter.


Directed By: Clarisa Collins

Genre: Comedy, Romance/Family

A grandmother helps her granddaughter face reality about her boyfriend and stop creating a delusion in her mind of what her boyfriend could be instead of looking at how he is.

Additional Notes from Director: we will be outside on the river walk

Number of Principal Characters: 2, Lead characters: young women in 20s and grandmother 50s

Jayla (Lead)
FEMALE / Black, White / 20-26

Young woman have a hard time facing reality of who her boyfriend really is

Grandmother GG (2ND Lead)
FEMALE / Black, White / 50 and Up

5’7 older woman, motherly nature

Jason (Lead)
MALE / Black, White, Hispanic, Asian / 20-25

Tall handsome young man

Extra (Background)
ALL GENDERS / All Ethnicities


Directed By: Mica Ward (Micki Rose)

Genre: Drama, Action/Crime

The mother-daughter relationship in the setting of an organization of assassins.

Number of Principal Characters: 3

Boa (Lead)
FEMALE / All Ethnicities / Early 20s, in appearance

Tall, athletic, confident. Well skilled starts to question herself and the world around her.

Dawn (Lead)
FEMALE / All Ethnicities / 40s/50s, in appearance

Stern, selectively motherly. Leader of organization

Derick (Supporting)
MALE / All Ethnicities / 30s/40s

Confident but a failure. Servant of the organization.

Him (Supporting)
MALE / All Ethnicities / Early 20s, in appearance

Athletic, confident. Well skilled and reliable servant of the organization.


Directed By: Alyea Rourke

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance/Family

A middle aged man named Jim that’s married and has a very short temper and anxiety issues. Dedicates all his time and energy into his work and one day loses everything and he hits rock bottom and has to find his Faith.

Additional Notes from Director: The wife (Emily) dies and Jim drives to the beach and has a mental breakdown and ends up at a church finding his will to live again.

Number of Principal Characters: Jim, Emily, Steve (worker) Doctor, Pastor

Jim (Lead)
MALE / White / Minimum 25 years old – Max 45 years old

Jim is selfish and only focused on his job and himself, he is a bit rude to his friends and everyone in general, struggles with anger issues and anxiety. Has an unhealthy addiction to Redbull and attempts to drown himself because he has a lot of regret.

Emily (Supporting)
FEMALE / White, Hispanic, Asian / 25-35

Emily is the wife of Jim and is a care free person and is very happy.

Steve (Supporting)
MALE / All Ethnicities / 30-45

Steve has a sense of humor and is a caring person. He works along side Jim at his job.

Doctor (Supporting)
MALE / All Ethnicities / 40’s-60’s

The doctor calls him to inform him that his wife had unfortunately passed away in the hospital.

Pastor (Supporting)
MALE / All Ethnicities / 30’s-40’s

The pastor is very calm and gentle and helps Jim in his tough situation.


Directed By: Trevor Fowler

Genre: Drama, Romance/Family

A man troubled by past traumas has a breakdown after the lose of his job and argument with his girlfriend.

Number of Principal Characters: 8

Henry (Lead)
MALE / All Ethnicities / 21 -28

A man troubled by past traumas has a breakdown after the lose of his job and argument with his girlfriend.

Vanessa (Supporting)
FEMALE / All Ethnicities / 21 – 28

The girlfriend of Henry, she worries about him and their relationship after an argument causes him to storm out.

Victor (Supporting)
MALE / All Ethnicities / 21 – 35

Henry’s asshole of a boss who has been looking any reason to fire him and jumps on the gun when he sees an opportunity.

Rich (Supporting)
MALE  / All Ethnicities / 35 – 55

The deadbeat father of Henry, Rich is abusive, hotheaded, and unsupportive to everyone but himself.

Family Member (Background)
MALE OR FEMALE / All Ethnicities / 32 – 55

Attempts to comfort Henry in his time of grief.

EMT (Background)
MALE OR FEMALE / All Ethnicities / 18 – 55

Tends to Henry after the car accident.

Officer (Background)
MALE / All Ethnicities / 30 – 50

Breaks the news to Henry of his dead father.

Bethany (Supporting)
FEMALE / All Ethnicities / 35 -55

The loving mother of Henry. She is supportive and caring.


Directed By: Benjamin Lovelace

Genre: Horror/Suspense

In a small country town, Solomon King, an innocent teenager is killed by the town bullies. His friends discover a way to resurrect him with spirit of vengeance. Now, is time for the bullies to be scared.

Additional Notes from Director: (PG-13) the film consist of violence, language, smoking

Number of Principal Characters: 6

Solomon King (Lead)
MALE / All Ethnicities / 16-25

Small in height; not very strong, brave, or intelligent. Has no enemies, kindest soul around. Loyal till the end. Can be to honest, sometimes being rude. Spends most of the time with his close friends, exploring the town.

Rocko (Supporting)
MALE / All Ethnicities / 20-30

Skinny dude with a goatee. Only wears white shirts and blue jeans. He struggles to keep a job; doesn’t have a car; and has had several encounters with the local law enforcement. Will spend most of his day on the river fishing or in the woods drinking; whatever to not be home with his disappointed parents.

Ms. Dorphin (Supporting)
FEMALE / All Ethnicities / 30-50

Elegant, wise, and immortal. She’s been called many things: a witch, a goddess, a spirit or demon. The truth is simple. Born a human in the 2nd century, she obtained knowledge over magic from a small group of unidentified people within the Middle East. Unable to conceive children. She has been loved and praised; hated and persecuted. In 21st century, she grew tired with people. Tired of helping if she will only be seen as evil. So she resides in small home in the woods, away from everyone.

AJ (Supporting)
MALE / All Ethnicities / 16-25

A good worker and ladies man. Quiet, but when there is something to be said, everyone will stop and listen. Spends a lot of time thinking before speaking and not scared to be mean. Always watching, always ready. Paranoid? Maybe…

Alex (Supporting) MALE / All Ethnicities / 16-25

The entire town knows of him, a kind and strong boy who repetitively finds himself and friends in dangerous situations or problems with the law. Now, that he’s much older and bored of this place, he dreams to to be rich, to live in the big city.

Gills (Supporting)
MALE / All Ethnicities / 20-30

A joker, loves to have fun, and hates responsibility. Would much rather spend his time fishing out on the river or sleeping. Very intelligent and morally a good man, but waste his potential.


Directed By: Steven Kaiser

Genre: Drama, Horror/Suspense, Science Fiction

An appointment between a therapist and his patient turns dower as a connection with a missing person’s case is made during and after their session

Number of Principal Characters: 4

Dr. Miguel Carpenter (Lead)
MALE / White / 35-45

Professional therapist; the type who can read anyone just from looks alone. He has a charming and welcoming demeanor to him. With that, he doesn’t like to waste time with his patients and seeks to get to the bottom of things. However, another side of him.

David (Lead)
MALE / White / 25 – 29

Very quiet; comes off as cold but not completely distant for conversation. He is haunted by a dream he’s having and he needs the doctor’s help to solve it.

Detective Morgan Niles (Supporting)
MALE / White / 40-50

A hard and fast talking detective hot on the trail. He is the head detective in charge of the missing person’s case; he just got a lead for it and he’s not going to let it get away. He is like a 90s Rough Cop protagonist: assertive with his delivery and is quick to respond to any questions with a “Make it quick, I’m busy” approach.

Katherine Hulme (Lead)
FEMALE / All Ethnicities / 29 – 32

The lady whose disappearance has rocked her small town. She appears as a regular educator in the photograph plastered in the news. However, what will be seen of her is a woman lost in a living nightmare. 

Cop 1 (Background)
MALE / All Ethnicities / 30 – 40

An average police officer that still can intimidate a minor offense perpetrator

Cop 2  (Background)
MALE / All Ethnicities / 25 – 30

A younger cop still working through the ranks; a competent rookie at best


Directed By: Mia Nesich

Genre: Drama, Comedy

A young woman is faced with a tough diagnosis and copes with it in her own way through nihilism and humor.

Additional Notes from Director: This is an autobiographical story about my multiple sclerosis diagnosis. The story concept is heavy, but the story and the way it’s told is light hearted and silly.

Number of Principal Characters: 3

Mia (Lead)
FEMALE / All Ethnicities / 19-28

Mia is nice and cool, goofy, artistic, and overall not a super serious person. She is the drummer for her band with her friend Maddy who she lives with. She has good friends and likes to party and stuff like that. When she is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and loses her ability to walk and talk normally, she is seemingly unaffected, or at least not in the way most would expect. Her general attitude toward it is that of nihilism and humor. She doesnt have a mom anymore and the one she had was abusive so her dad makes up for it by being super sweet and supportive, but she’s sort of hardened so she’s uncomfortable with mushiness and stuff like that. While being hospitalized, she’s kind of just hanging out with her friends and drinking pints of whiskey and being wheeled in her wheelchair at maximum speed. I have an audio clip of how she sounds while in the hospital but I know it’s difficult to recreate so there is definitely wiggle room on that front.

Maddy (Lead/supporting)
ALL GENDERS / All Ethnicities / 19 to 25

The best friend of the main character. Shares similar outlook on things and is able to keep things light and support her friend in a way that’s not mushy but is sort of more unspoken. Also, Maddy is the lead guitarist/singer in their band. You don’t have to actually do either of those things, but you get the sort of look that is invoked. They live together so they are able to have fun and go out and be silly and play music, but they’re also comfortable just laying around on their phones not talking at all. So basically she’s chill and giggly and very cool.

Dad (Lead/supporting)
MALE / White / 40 to 60

Mia’s father. He LOVES her to death truly. She does not have a mom in her life anymore and she was abusive to Mia so he sort of makes up for it now with all of the love and attention he is able to give. Mia is hospitalized for not being able to walk or talk due to multiple sclerosis complications so he is along with her to support her in every way. He feeds her since she can’t pick up a fork herself, he walks her around in her wheelchair, tries to make her laugh as much as he can. He is just as shocked and confused as she is so he puts on a brave face for her when he can, but when they hear the diagnosis, he is unable to control his emotions, even when she is seemingly unaffected. So there are some emotional moments, but overall he is just trying to be her rock.

Dr. F  (Supporting)
MALE / All Ethnicities / 40-60

Dr. F gives Mia her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. He is lighthearted (or trying to be) while delivering this news and makes a few dad jokes in the process. He’s warm, gentle, and empathetic, but does not dwell on the horrible news. 

Dr. Stupid F#*k (name subject to change…)  (Supporting)
MALE / All Ethnicities / 32 to 42

After being hospitalized for not being able to walk or talk due to multiple sclerosis complications, Mia’s doctor (Dr. Stupid F#*k) is coming into their hospital room to discuss the prognosis and how to get Mia walking/talking again.

Dr. Jean (Supporting)
FEMALE / All Ethnicities / 40 to 55

Dr. Jean is a physical therapist. She is down to earth but a little bit of a boomer as the kids say. She’s pretty honest about the fact that she kind of just going along for the ride and doesn’t have a bunch of stuff very planned out.

Jessica (Supporting)
FEMALE / All Ethnicities / 24-35

Jessica is the assistant to Mia’s physical therapist, Jean. She is very very sweet and wants to help in any way she can. 

Tanya (Supporting)
FEMALE / White, Multi Ethnic Appearance / 35-50

Mia’s aunt Tanya. Since Mia is unable to speak normally due to her multiple sclerosis complications, she talks very slow and kind of stroke-like, so Tanya thinks that she can’t hear her normally. Kinda how people talk to people who don’t speak English.

Ryan (Supporting)
MALE / All Ethnicities / 21-28

Ryan is a guy that Mia met on tinder and has just slept over her house the first night they met. When they wake up in the morning, Mia is having some insane medical thing happen and she sounds like she’s having a stroke and can’t speak normally. 


Directed By: Antionetta Gibson

Genre: Drama, Romance/Family

A young woman embarks on a journey of self-discovery, after finding a book of affirmations.

Additional Notes from Director: When a young woman’s life falls apart she struggles with her faith. She return to her mother’s home sparking tension as being home triggers unhealed wounds. One day she discovers a forgotten book of affirmations that sparks a profound shift in her outlook.

Number of Principal Characters: 3

Lacey (Lead)
FEMALE / Black, White / Twenties in appearance

Lacey has a negative outlook on life and takes her daily frustrations out on her mom.

Mom (Supporting)
FEMALE / Black, White / Forties to Fifties in appearance

Mom tries to help Lacey see the brighter side to life.

Lawyer (Supporting)
MALE / Black, White / Thirties, Forties, Fifties in appearance

Lawyer sits down with family to announce judgment.


Directed By: Angelina Roach

Genre: Horror/Suspense

A man returns home to his wife and she is acting strange. Almost as if she’s been replaced.

Additional Notes from Director: Heavy gore and language. One scene could be considered a stunt where husband gets tackled onto a cushion.

Number of Principal Characters: 2

Wife (Lead)
FEMALE / All Ethnicities / 35-45 in appearance

A cautious, homey woman feeling disconnected from her husband. She struggled with mental health in the past which causes her husband to not believe her when she is being stalked by a shape shifting demon.

Husband (Lead)
MALE / All Ethnicities / 35-45 in appearance

An overworked, underpaid, tired man who loves his wife but doesn’t really understand her. He is a little oblivious.


Directed By: Angela Balice

Genre: Comedy

A comical look at the trying routine of 3 different service industry professionals and their most difficult interactions. Each character is tasked with staying professional during challenging confrontations with their patients/customers.

Additional Notes from Director: This is a comedy about working in the service industry. Anyone with experience in this field is welcome to add their personal experience and perspective to their audition.

Number of Principal Characters: 3

Jim (Lead 1)
MALE / All Ethnicities / 30-40

A veteran nurse that has heard and seen it all. He tries his best to be sympathetic and professional, but some patients really test his composure.

Sarah (Lead 2)
FEMALE / All Ethnicities / 18-25

A high school graduate who breaks the stereotype of the expression “gap year”. She doesn’t appreciate disrespect, but recognizes her job (at a retail store) relies on her interactions with the customers.

Josiah (Lead 3)
MALE / All Ethnicities / 25-35

An aspiring lawyer working to pay for law school in the near future. He tries to give his customers the best service (as a server in a local restaurant) to afford him a higher education with as little debt as possible.

Susan (Supporting) FEMALE / All Ethnicities / 50+

A difficult patient of Jim. She’s a hypochondriac who always has something wrong with her, is convinced she’s smarter than her doctors, but always finds her way back to their office.

Customer (Supporting)
FEMALE / All Ethnicities / 45-60

A challenging customer of Sarah. She can never be satisfied, always wants to speak with a manager, and assumes the whole world is against her.

Mafia Man (Supporting)
MALE / All Ethnicities / 45-55

One of two customers of Josiah that seems to act as an aspiring mafia member. He dresses the part, mimics the gestures, and has a hint of an accent (which might be fake). He is always searching for perfection in service.

Businessman (Supporting)
MALE / All Ethnicities / 40-50

Second customer of Josiah who sits with Mafia Man to have lunch. He wears a suit, sits up straight, and takes everything seriously. However, he still tries to intimidate those around him. He wants his business meeting with Mafia Man to go as best it can.


Directed By: Joseph Spencer

Genre: Action/Crime

In a notorious bar frequented by criminals, a seemingly innocent act of lighting a cigarette ignites a night of covert operations and hidden threats.

Additional Notes from Director: Some violence/blood

Number of Principal Characters: 4

Lana (Lead)
FEMALE / All Ethnicities / 20s-40s

Average height, athletic build. Mature look.

Vincent (Lead)
MALE / All Ethnicities / 30s-40s+

Rugged appearance, sturdy build.

Leo (Supporting)
MALE / All Ethnicities / 20s-30s

Messy hair, athletic build and a fake jittery personality.

Sam (Supporting)
MALE / All Ethnicities / 30s-50s

Bartender who is a stoic and simple man. Average height and build.

Extras (Background)
All Ethnicities

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