We have aspiring filmmakers come through our doors at the start of each semester. They don’t stay aspiring for long because we put them to work on set from day one. By the end of the term, they have completed a non-dialogue film as their first foray into professional filmmaking. They learn basic camera and sound, film editing, production and more. In the following term, they are able to transfer these skills, build new ones and make a dialogue film. We sat down with current student Nolan Elias to talk about his experience directing his dialogue film, Taste of Sin, and he had great feedback to share.

“One of the most enjoyable aspects about filmmaking is getting your work screened. I was able to achieve that last night,” said Nolan Elias, Director, Taste of Sin.

Nolan talked to us about the joy of hearing people react to the dialogue in his film. He felt proud and a sense of accomplishment washed over him as he thought back to his script and why he wrote things the way he did. He excitedly told us that he quickly came to the realization that people were reacting exactly as he had wanted them to, from laughing at the right moment to gasping where he had anticipated that they would.

After his screening, Nolan was delighted to see so many fellow filmmakers engage in discussion around what they loved, what they wished he had done differently and best of all, how to get him into film festivals. Each year, a ton of student films get into festivals and win some form of distinction, whether that is best of show or best lead actor.

Nolan is ready for the festival circuit, and can’t wait to finish the one year filmmaking program. If you’re a creative thinker, writer and/or general movie lover, we have a place for you at MPI. To learn how to make films of your own, you can visit the Motion Picture Institute for yourself. Register for the upcoming Open House to see what it’s like to learn on a movie set everyday. You will also meet alumni and engage in acting, lighting, camera and editing demonstrations during the event. Space for the live audience is limited so register now to save your spot!