In the film business, there are a lot of tricks to the trade that help to move a story along. We all know that actors are the backbone to the storytelling process, but there are times when actors need to switch with a stunt double in order to achieve combat-type action that furthers the plot.

At MPI, our students have learned first hand how to instruct, work with and organize the work of stunt men and women. We often invite industry experts to talk with and teach our students about specialties in filmmaking. Recently, the team from Ring of Steel paid us a visit and demonstrated the basics of combat and stunts on set. Students were thrilled to be learning this and were appreciative of the strength and endurance the stunt team brought to the on-set learning experience. Many of our students will apply what they have learned towards producing their own films. As part of the one year filmmaking program, students will make three films from start to finish while having control of the entire creative process.

“We came up with a lot of creative ways and even used couches to make the [pretend] fight more exciting” said student Clint Sumner.

To learn how to make films of your own, you can visit the Motion Picture Institute for yourself. Register for the upcoming Open House to see what it’s like to learn on a movie set everyday. You will also meet alumni and engage in acting, lighting, camera and editing demonstrations during the event. Space for the live audience is limited so register now to save your spot!